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The 3 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid Before Selling Your Home Fast

After nearly 8 years of buying houses fast we are often asked what are some mistakes sellers makes or what should I do to sell my house fast? Funny thing is that it’s never been selling your home fast that’s the biggest challenge; it usually been something... read more

We Buy Houses Miami Fast!

Have you ever considered selling your Miami dade House fast? What does it mean that you buy houses? How does the process work? Will it work for my situation ? These question are all relevant when you want to sell your Miami house fast. The answers are simpler than... read more

MQHB Testimonial Case ~ Buying Probate and Vacant Home

My Quick Home Buyers will give you a Cash Offer Within 24 Hours, We Buy “AS IS”, and we can buy in 30 Day or Less Closing. Click below to get starting selling your home fast today! Click Here for FREE no Obligation Cash... read more

Companies that buy houses in South Florida

Many homes that go onto the market in Miami Dade County and other parts of South Florida stay listed for quite some time. Some homes are up for 60 or 70 days, but those are actually the lucky ones. The average number of days for homes on the market is well over 100... read more

How long will it take to sell my house

  We are often asked by homeowners how long will take to sell their house. The answer may be shocking to most, and likely not as fast as you may have thought. They say the truth hurts, but in this case it may also hurt your pockets. Most Miami, Broward or Palm Beach... read more

How to sell your House Fast?

How to sell your House Fast Do you have a property that’s taking its toll on you financially? Perhaps you are trying to sell your home fast because you have another mortgage. Maybe you have a distressed property that needs some TLC before the average buyer would... read more