Q. Are you Realtors?

A. No, we are not Realtors. Realtors are typically looking to list your property and charge you a 6% commission when your home is sold. We are direct cash buyers with a team of investors that buy and sell properties for a living. Our business thrives on buying homes from regular homeowners like your regularly.

Q. What if I’m facing foreclosure?

A. Yes, We will buy your house if your facing Foreclosure. We can act quickly to buy you house in as little as 10 days, and  that’s why we are the perfect buyer to help you avoid a face approaching foreclosure deadline. Breath easy, we have the ability to buy your house fast and pay off your loan in full and most importantly, save your credit!

Q. Am I under any obligation to sell to you?

A. No, you are NOT obligated to sell to us when you receive our verbal or written offer. We will gladly make you a cash offer without any commitment on your part, its FREE! You will only be obligated to sell once you agree to accept our offer in writing by  signing a Florida bar approved Purchase and Sale Contract which we will provide to you.

Q. Am I charged for a cash offer?

A. No, there are absolutely no fees to receive a cash offer from us.

Q. Do you only buy Residential Property?

A. No, we will consider all types of property including Commercial, Condos, Town homes, Warehouses, Mobile Homes, and vacant Land.

Q. Do I need to make any repairs?

A. No, we will buy your property “As Is”, this means that you do not need to make any repairs. For example, you don’t have to worry about fixing a roof leaf, painting, cleaning up debris or upgrading a bathroom. We will make a offer on your house in its current state. Once we purchase your home we have a clean-up crew, carpenters and contractors that will take care of this for us.

Q. Do I need to pay closing costs?

A. No, as a courtesy to all homeowners, we will pay all closing costs on every transaction, including lien search, title insurance, document preparation and recording fees.

Q. Can I sell to you from another state or country?

A. Yes, our title company makes full use of all of today’s modern technology to make showing up to closing in person optional.  You can mail your keys to us or someone you trust, to have them show us your house when we make our free, no obligation cash offer. Once and if  you except our cash offer we can fax or email you a contract for your to sign and fax or email back to us. At time of closing our title company will FedEx your a closing package that you will sign and get notarized in your area, once received back your funds will be wired to the bank account of your choice.

Q. Will you buy a house outside of South Florida?

A. Yes, although we are local investors in South Florida and prefer to buy in our area, we will on occasion consider purchasing a homes outside of  Miami, Broward or Palm Beach county. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if your house if located in other areas, we still may be able to help.

Q. What if I live in the property, its rented or occupied by someone else?

A. We will still buy a home that is rented, whether the person is paying rent regularly or not. Even if the home is occupied by friends or family member we will work with you to find a solution.

Q. What if I have back taxes, liens or violations?

A. Yes, we can buy your home even if you have back taxes, liens or building violations. We will look at each situation case by case and make a discussion. If you owe back taxes, chances are you probably have a lien on your house. The county takes unpaid taxes very seriously. So seriously, that they may place your home up for auction just to the back taxes they are owed.  We don’t want this happening to you, you deserve more.

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