Ask if the We Buy Houses Company is well local.

Real estate for the most part is local, and a we buy houses company from out of town may not be as familiar with your local real estate market. You want your home to get the highest and best use giving its location, not in relation to the local market of the we buy houses company from hundred of miles away.

If you do end up talking with a big nationwide we buy houses investment company, it’s even more important to know your market, most likely, better than the cash investor whom you will speaking with over the phone.

Know the Kind of Improvements Your Home Needs AKA Scope of Work.

When a we buy houses specialist representative goes to check out your home to determine how much cash to offer you. They are normally looking for a list of improvements that your home needs, and always assume the worst.

If you’ve done some work recently to your home, have a list of what you’ve done, how much you spent, and when the improvement was made. Significant improvements on a property can help get you get more cash for your home and  understanding or having an idea of things that need to be done along with valid bid quotes from reputable contractors will the cash buyer investor punch in their repairs numbers using some given quotes, and thus allowing you for more cash in your pocket for your home as well!

Know your Comparables.

You should be staying on top of your local market and seeing comparable properties to get a feel of what is selling and for how much — both before and after a home has been improved upon.

If at all possible jot down or type up a sheet that just recently sold up the problem shared it with the local cash home buyer. This helps investor determine more or less what your home may be selling for, and the cash buyer will thank you for the additional information.

Negotiate the Cash Offer.

If you find an error or don’t agree to the initial cash offer, provide evidence to the we buy houses company and ask that they reevaluate the property and stay firm with what you want for your home.

If your home got a slightly lower cash offer than you were hoping for, don’t be afraid to negotiation the cash offer. Again, contact the investor and you can certainly ask the cash buyer  to reevaluate the property. Having comparable properties to share with them can help your cause as well.

Know your Area

Even if the we buy houses company is local they may not be intimately familiar with your particular area. Each home is unique and each area is different. If you are located in an area with great school districts, long term home ownership, new developments. It can change the cash offer dramatically . If you’re located in the better school district, make sure the investment company that will be buying your home knows that — and included that into the cash offer.

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